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Make your fishing less frustrating!

A simple item like the Line Keeper will help you organize your tackle so you spend more time enjoying fishing.

It prevents tangled lines on rods & reels so you can grab and go without the fuss. Just a simple flex of the Line Keeper and you're ready to fish.

There are so many uses for Line Keeper, and they include:

Imagine how much more quickly you can restring your rod by keeping a Line Keeper on every reel so the line is ready to go.

How about keeping the line at the ready at your rod tips? Simply clip a Line Keeper on the line about an inch above the lure, snip off the lure and crank the Line Keeper up snugly to the rod tip. You can actually do a half-dozen rods in about 1 minute. They hold tightly - they won't let go!

Do your lines get tangled with each other on all of your Carolina rigs and Drop-shot rigs? No more! Just squeeze on a Line Keeper and your maze of tangled lines is a thing of the past. Your rod box will thank you for it.

The Line Keeper - inexpensive, and they will improve your valuable time on the water by eliminating these frustrations forever.

Order now - you'll be a happier fisherman!

You'll think of a dozen other uses - it's the handiest item in your tackle box!